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Can You Tell Us Where the ‘Found’ Sign Is?
By #peopleof1910, August 23, 2016

Few Sundays go by without someone climbing the ladder in the foyer and turning on a bulb in the “FOUND” sign after a service, letting their light shine, publicly confessing their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s always a privilege to capture the emotions and watch the excitement that’s generated as everyone cheers. But yesterday, though no one stood six feet in the air, reaching for a lightbulb, lights came on when an encounter of two people touched the heart of God.

Shortly after walking through the crowds heading in all directions, I said a silent prayer, asking Daddy to show me someone I might photograph. Taking pictures of the many faces that walk through the doors of Nineteen:Ten has given me an opportunity to meet and hear some amazing stories. My camera is a key that opens doors to relationships, so I am always confident there’s someone He wants me to meet each time I serve.

Pointing towards the Refuel café, an elderly woman caught my eye. Her cane reminded me of my mother’s and I immediately felt a connection to her so I took her picture.

She approached me, asking me where the FOUND sign was. Perhaps my ‘key’ was about to open a door. Though Jo had no idea I’d already taken her picture, she did ask why I was taking photos. I explained it’s a way to tell stories of God’s faithfulness and to pray with people. So I asked her what her ‘found’ story was.

That one question may be all someone needs to share the hurt, the pain or the victory they’ve experienced. This precious woman lost her husband to cancer after thirty-nine years of marriage, has been raising her two grandchildren for the last thirteen years, then spoke how they lost their son ten months before her husband passed away and after many years in Corpus Christi moved to Boerne to live with her sister, an attender of our church. She stated how grateful she is that her grandkids went to camp, how pastor’s messages have been speaking loudly to her, and they’ve been blessed by various ministries in the area.

It’s hard to imagine that brushing shoulders with a stranger might be so heart-wrenching, but my encounter with Jo yesterday brought us both to tears. Storms have beat again and again against Jo’s life, but she’s still standing, caring for her grandchildren and in love with Jesus. I prayed with her for her daughter back in Corpus, the daily challenges she’s facing as a care-giving gramma and for God’s will in sharing her amazing story of redemption.

As we keep our head on a swivel, may God continue to use each one of us to tell His story; our own journey of freedom, forgiveness and a changed life.


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Our purpose at nineteen:ten church has always been about finding people far from God so they can be restored to a loving relationship found only in Jesus. There’s no greater generosity than investing in the one thing Jesus built - the local church. With God’s favor and your support, we have seen the lost found and baptized, marriages & relationships restored, lives transformed, needs met, the equipping of the next generation and much more.