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I Wouldn't Change A Thing // Chach & Megan Luevano
By , March 16, 2017

Many people think when your husband is on staff at a church and you are a "pastor's wife”, that means we must have it all together. I LOVE sharing our story because I get a look of shock because we are so far from perfect! Praise Jesus for His grace that is more than enough. I’m so thankful for our church, 1910, who welcomes the sick, broken and lost. We are all in need of a savior. Our story is nothing short of a miracle and a transformation that only He can could write! I used to be ashamed or would never share, but I've learned that the more I share the less the enemy can hold pieces of our past in the dark. His light overcomes all darkness and I am free because of the cross.

A look back...

Chach and I both grew up in loving, Christian, Southern Baptist homes. We were born and raised in the church! When Chach and I met, I was in college, living in Dallas for Dental Hygiene School. I was definitely not plugged into a church home. I can look back now and see I was drifting further away from the Lord little by little.

Chach and I met through some mutual friends at Dallas Baptist University. There were a whole group of "Boerne kids" that I instantly loved to be around. Chach took us to all the best restaurants, dance halls and I loved spending time with him. We all had fun together and laughed constantly. Chach and I were both getting out of long relationships. He was leaving his church position in Dallas and had dreams of starting a gym in San Antonio. We hung out all the time and we would deny to our friends that we were ever "dating" when they would ask.

When Chach moved back to San Antonio, Pastor Jason began to share his vision of starting Watermark Church. Chach started helping him buy equipment and build a worship team. I thought we were pretty much done at that time. I had big plans to graduate and move to New York as a dental hygienist. But then, after 5 pregnancy tests and a trip to planned parenthood, it was confirmed that I was definitely pregnant. Devastated, we moved forward into the unknown. That was the longest 9 months of our lives. I even contemplated having an abortion at one point. You never know what kinds of thought will cross your mind until you are smack in the middle of a hard situation. I quickly told my family so that I had some accountability and support. Adoption was also discussed, but I knew I could graduate college with a degree. With my families support, I could parent this child.

On February 3rd, 2007 we met our sweet little angel, Kennedy Nichole! We instantly fell head over heels in love with her. Chach and I were married 8 months later. We went to the court house and our dear friend came over to our small apartment so we could say our vows. Kennedy was our witness! :) Chach started working in an Acura car dealership and quickly worked his way into the finance office. He loved it, but we hardly ever saw him with the long hours the dealership requires. I worked part time as a hygienist in a dental office. Chach never thought he would lead worship again. He felt as though he "ruined" that by the choices we made, but I knew he would return to it one day.

I was pregnant with Matthew (we were so excited this go around!) and Chach told me he felt the Lord was calling him back to lead worship again. He quit his job and came home trusting the Lord would open a door. Pastor Jason was at our front door a few days later. He heard Chach was ready to lead again and drove to Dallas to see us. Pastor Jason told us that he always knew the Worship Pastor for Watermark church was supposed to be Chach. They never gave up on us!

We moved to Boerne when Matt was one month old. I remember balling my eyes out during our first service back, listening to my husband lead worship again. What an amazing picture of the grace and the love of our Father! He is a God of second chances! We welcomed Jagger into our family on April 17, 2012.

We knew we weren't done and God had always stirred my heart for adoption. We wanted to help others that were in tough situations and in unplanned pregnancies. We learned about the foster/orphan epidemic right here in our own backyard and knew we couldn't ignore it. We have been fostering for almost three years and have had three babies in our home. We are still waiting to one day adopt, but we know and trust God knows what's best. He has worked all things for good and we will trust Him and His timing.

I now work for a non-profit here in town called Boerne YoungLives. We mentor teen moms who are also walking through unplanned pregnancies. My heart breaks for these girls because I walked down that same road and experienced a lot of the same emotions. I had a very supportive family, but many of our girls do not have that in their lives. YoungLives offers the love and hope of Christ to these girls. If you told me this would be my job 10 years ago, I would've laughed.

God even fulfilled another desire of Chach’s from years ago. Chach is part owner of a gym, Hill Country Crossfit. We love that community of people we have there, too. We have seen many people come to know Christ through the gym as well.

He changes our hearts to mirror His. He continues to use our story in fostering and mentoring to bring glory to him. We will celebrate 10 years of marriage this year. We wouldn't change our story even if we could!



By Angela Williams
Awe, thank you for sharing your story! God is such a gracious God. My story is very parallel, hence why my youngest daughter's middle name is, GRACE. My Lord, family, and friends extended so much of it to me during my own season of "Shame," and now I see it as completely beautiful! God is a God of redemption for sure. Love you guys!
By Rachel Harris
I absolutely LOVE how God is an amazing restorer in every way. We may travel through hard roads thinking He will leave us... but, He doesn't! Instead, Christ's desire is to make all things new and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! Definitely grateful for the blood of Jesus and His eternal love for us! ?? Keep following after His footsteps... He will continue using ya'll as light and salt to this world.
By Valecia Wilson
What an absolutely beautiful and moving testament of our God's grace and unending love!! I know Chach from my undergraduate years at DBU, and vividly remember his musical gift and anointing. My heart rejoices that he is following God's path, and that your amazing family is on the journey with him. God bless you all!!

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