The Holy Spirit

What do we believe about Experiencing the Holy Spirit and His Gifts


Pursue Love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts.... 1 Corinthians 14:1 NASB

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity and is co-equal with the Father and with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He exists to unite us with and to glorify Jesus Christ (John 15:26), as well as to empower believers for Christian witness and service (Acts 1:8). It is the power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to fulfill our mission at Nineteen:ten Church – to find and restore the lost (Luke 19:10).

How does one receive the Holy Spirit?

A person receives the Holy Spirit when they receive Christ according to Ephesians 1:13 and Acts 2:38. We recognize that the families and members of Nineteen:ten Church come from varied and diverse backgrounds. As such, we desire for the families and members of Ninteen:ten to grow in their understanding of the person and power of the Holy Spirit as well as their understanding of His work in their lives.

What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or being Filled with the Holy Spirit?

Being baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit is when a believer in Jesus Christ receives extraordinary power for Christ-exalting ministry (Acts 1:8) . This baptism is marked by an initial act of receiving by faith through Jesus Christ and continues as a daily response of receiving what God has made available for our service to and relationship with Him (Matt 3:11, Acts 2:38, Eph 1:13-14). As demonstrated in numerous accounts throughout Acts, the baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit is marked by an experienced power that is characterized with a new desire to magnify God in worship (Acts 10:46) and a powerful disposition to obey God in everyday life (Acts 5:29).

What are the Spiritual Gifts and are they still available?

A spiritual gift is an extraordinary power given by the Holy Spirit for the edification of the Church Body and for the work of ministry in the world (Rom 12:6-8, 1 Cor 12:4-11, 1 Pet 4:10-11). Scripture nowhere states that the gifts have ceased. All the gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in the church of the first century are available today and are to be earnestly desired and practiced (1 Cor 13: 8-12, 1 Cor 14:1). As we minister to individuals, we will use all the gifts available to us from God to see healing, deliverance, freedom and restoration developed in a person’s life. These gifts are not a reflection of spiritual maturity; they are a response of openness and faith to God and are a gift of the Holy Spirit available to all believers (Luke 11:13). The manner in which these gifts are expressed is a reflection of spiritual maturity (Eph 4:11-16).

Order in the administration of the Spiritual Gifts

Public expressions of the Spirit will be demonstrated in an orderly manner as directed by Scripture through church leadership. Appropriate expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a corporate setting includes submission to pastoral and elder authority and involves expression of the gifts with dignity and order so that it can be received by all (1 Cor 14).

The Fruit of the Spirit

Reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit will produce the character of Jesus Christ in our life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Gal 5:22-23). Collectively, these are the characteristics that should be present and should be growing in all believers in Christ by the Holy Spirit’s power.


We believe the need for the Holy Spirit’s power and presence in a believer’s life is as critical today as it was in the day of the Apostles. We hold the position, supported by Scriptures, that the Holy Spirit’s presence and power are for every believer until Jesus returns (1 Cor 13:8-12).


Our purpose at nineteen:ten church has always been about finding people far from God so they can be restored to a loving relationship found only in Jesus. There’s no greater generosity than investing in the one thing Jesus built - the local church. With God’s favor and your support, we have seen the lost found and baptized, marriages & relationships restored, lives transformed, needs met, the equipping of the next generation and much more.