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Our word for the year is "breakthrough". Breakthrough is a sudden, dramatic and important discovery or development.

A breakthrough is needed when something stands in front of you and it needs to be broken so you can get to whatever is on the other side. A breakthrough is necessary when there's no other way around. Sometimes in life you just have to go through in order to get to the other side.

The difference between a break down and a breakthrough is one simple factor: what breaks first. In order to achieve breakthrough and not just a break down, you have to be stronger than whatever you are trying to break. If you break first then it's a breakdown. If you persist until the resistance crumbles then it's a breakthrough.

We believe that God wants to do a new and great work in all of us. We believe explosive breakthroughs will come into your life as you continue to lift up the name of Jesus. Breakthroughs bring the favor of God on your life, which releases His plans for you.

We are praying for and striving for breakthroughs this year. We would be honored to come alongside and assist with your breakthrough.


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8:30 am | 10:00 am | 11:30 am

We would like to personally welcome you to nineteen:ten church. On your first visit to nineteen:ten please come to the Garage after service so we can get to know you!

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Our purpose at nineteen:ten church has always been about finding people far from God so they can be restored to a loving relationship found only in Jesus. There’s no greater generosity than investing in the one thing Jesus built - the local church. With God’s favor and your support, we have seen the lost found and baptized, marriages & relationships restored, lives transformed, needs met, the equipping of the next generation and much more.